Energy Storage System

ESS (Energy Storage System) reduce the overall energy use cost and enable customers to avoid peak demand charges.

1. Generation - improving generation efficiency

     1.1 Load leveling; Aiding generators by smoothing load fluctuation

     1.2 Peak Shaving; Decentering peak load

     1.3 Frequency Regulation: Improving power quality


2. Transmission and Distribution - Ancillary services

    2.1 T & D Deferral: Defer additional investements by reducing load

    2.2 Voltage Support: Responding sharp drop of voltage in grid

3. Renewables - Controll Renewable output

    3.1 Output smoothing: Smoothing irregular output power

    3.2 Constant power control: Controlling peak generation

4. End User - Supporting Effective Power usage

    4.1 Real time response: Charge at off-peak time, discharge at peak time

    4.2 Power Quality and Reliability: Prevent blackout and voltage drop

    4.3 Energy Management: Power usage management and UPS

5. Off-Grid - Supply power for those places with the grid insufficient by renewable energies integration

    Power storing: store excessive produced electricity through renewable energy in the areas where power can not access, such as island and desert, mountains etc.,