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New Solar Home System (SHS) products introduction

Click: Author: CopyFrom: 2017-3-10 10:39:57

SOLARES  solar home system, designed by JEZETEK , aims to overcome the lack of access to electricity in remote places by providing households with low-cost professional off-grid solar systems.


Affordable Solar Home System

This product follow  a simple, highly standardized and low cost design.

The innovative 24V Solar DC System overcome the defects of traditional solar home system with high price and massive amounts of energy wasting in constantly conversion from DC to AC and  or versa, remove the excessive devices, reduce cost



Easy of Use                      


Traditional solar power system as an industrial products, users cater for installation or service companies for installation service and pay a high installation charges and after sales service charges in the latter use. SOLARES, a plug & use system, turn a industrial products into an affordable consumer level products that any people can learn to use within one second. All SOLARES components, if buy, you can use immediately by coming with anti-error design connector for preventing opposite insertions, no need profession technician.


User-Friendly Home Appliances


SOLARES is a ease extension system. User can increase their solar power capacity in need, short charging time and add other appliances. All additional capacity can put to use after buying new devices. User can customize their SOLARES system according to their demand.